At present "Pokoj" S.E. is one of the leading producers of low tension equipment.
Our mission is to make our brand recognizable both on domestic and foreign markets. Our target is to win new customers who require quality, reliability and professionalism. Maintaining good contact with our clients is our priority so we participate in the branch fairs and exhibitions, symposiums, shows and trainings. It has been reflected by many awards and distinctions we have been granted with. We have established wide commercial co-operation with numerous companies in Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Byelorussia, Bulgaria and Italy.The location of our company in the very centre of Poland is very efficient concerning the best distribution of the goods to all ourdomestic clients. To meet the expectations and requirements of our customers we have introduced the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000 which proves the best quality of our products and services as well as of good business relations.
Over 60% of our staff consists of disabled people. We are proud helping them by creating the excellent work environment and good conditions for rehabilitation and improvement of their health.
We are always at yours disposal to serve you with our best experience and advice.
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